Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3: A Step in the Right Direction – Update 6

The Bottom Step
By Gary D. Myers

Only a short blog today because everyone on the Gezer team is tired, very tired. We’ve worked hard and toured hard and today everyone looked a little worn.

The big progress today came in the area of the bottom step of the water system. When the tunnel was cut from the rock a series of steps was cut from the top to the pool below. When MacAlister excavated the system 100+ years ago, he laid a “causeway “ of stone from the bottom step to the mouth of the cavern. Our hope is that ancient material will be found below MacAlister’s causeway. Any material found there could help the team date the water system.  Volunteers also worked to clean the causeway for a photograph tomorrow. After the causeway is thoroughly measured and documented, the team will remove portions of the stones and dig several probes to search for datable artifacts and the water source. Stay tuned.

Week One Video Update with Dr. Dan Warner

The Gezer Team sings “How Great is Our God” in a cistern under the Western Wall in Jerusalem (video courtesy of Brian Mooney)

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