Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gezer 2014 – And the fun begins

Day Four

By Gary D. Myers

Readying the site for our work took much more time than we anticipated, but late yesterday we uncovered the bottom step of the water system across the width of the tunnel. Today we removed the remaining layers of dirt from Macalister’s causeway and then meticulously cleaned the stones with trowels and brushes. This was slow tedious work, but it is important that we photograph the extent of the causeway to prove that it sealed the material below from contamination.

If you are reading this and thinking, “Who is Macalister?” or “What is this causeway they keep mentioning?” then I need to help you get up to speed. Read the following Baptist Press article from last year’s dig: This will give you the background needed to understand what we are doing.

Tomorrow, after we finish bushing the causeway and photographing it, we will remove the causeway and begin removing the pool/basin contents. These will be wet shifted in search for dateable material.

I need to keep it short tonight, because I am under the weather along with several others on the team. We are experiencing stuffy noses and sore throats – maybe we are allergic to the pollen here or we have caught head colds. Nevertheless, rest is needed so good night. 


  1. Dear Gary & Dig Team - I am SO SORRY to read that several of you have come down with the Canaanite Crud. Get some rest & get well soon! Praying for you all!

  2. I remember all too well being sick there. Get well soon. Praying for a good dig.