Sunday, May 22, 2016

Gezer 2016 Update One

By Sarah Simon

Today marked the beginning of the 2016 dig season at Tel Gezer. We arrived on site, and the first-year participants toured the tel while the others began setting up. The day continued with set-up tasks, such as making and placing sandbags, shade areas and lighting the water system, among other activities.

Tel Gezer was a significant city in ancient Israel. It is located in the Shephelah, and was a heavily guarded city. The Mediterranean can be seen from Gezer in this photo.

Gezer is the only Canaanite city where standing stones have been unearthed.


A wider view of the standing stones.

Dr. Dan Warner giving an explanation to the first-year diggers.

The group of newcomers touring the site. 

Dr. Warner explaining the site.

This is the Solomonic gate at the entrance to the city.

Going down into the water system.

The cavernous water system as lighting is being set up.

Sand-bagging and sending the bags down to the walkway below by crane.

The set-up is taking place for sifting under the tent.

The archaeologists talking excavation.

A wide view of the area where the crew is working.

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