Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Gezer 2016 - Update Ten

By Gary D. Myers

You may have noticed that the blog has been less active this dig season and especially less active this last week of the dig. There are several reasons – the addition of a third digging location makes this our busiest dig season at Tel Gezer. More people, more pottery, more contemplation, more paperwork, and more work. The extra work leaves us ready for bed much earlier than usual.

Another reason for the lack of blogs is the complicated and theoretical nature of our work this season. We are trying to answer complicated questions regarding the dating of the water system construction and we are trying understand the relationship between the water system and fields C and D. It was much easier to blog when we were only focused moving dirt from the tunnel. Once we broke through all the fill material in the tunnel several years back, even the discussions of our progress in the water system became more complicated.

The main reason for the lack of blogs is the wonderful season we are having. We have made our best finds to date at the Tel Gezer Water System Expedition. We would love to tell you all about the finds, but we can’t until each has been studied and published.

The team is well and we are trying to finish strong.

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