Monday, May 28, 2012

Gezer Water System Expedition's photostream

Just So You KnowFirst Bag of the SeasonSmoothing Out the TunnelSmoothing Out the TunnelDSC_6418Setting Up Base Camp
GeneratorGeneratorSandbagsThe Water System From AboveSmoothing Out the PathSmooth Out the Path
More SandbagsFilling SandbagsFilling SandbagsPlacing SandbagsStanding StonesStanding Stones
Cultic BasinStanding StonesSolomonic GateSolomonic GatesTypical Israelite Four-room houseTypical Israelite Four-room House
Gezer Water System Expedition's photostream on Flickr.


The Gezer Water System project is co-sponsored by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary under the direction of Tsvika Tsuk, chief archaeologist at INPA, and Dan Warner, co-director of the Center for Archaeological Research at NOBTS.

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  1. So enjoy these updates...thanks for keeping us up to date. I am a member of Russ Randall's church, and will enjoy hearing the details of his journey!