Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Warner releases new component for The Virtual Bible Project

Dr. Dan Warner (Associate Professor of Old Testament and Archaeology and co-director of the Gezer Water System Expedition), along with Dr. James Strange (Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of South Florida and retired director of the Sepphoris Excavations) have been working together for the past 10 years on archaeological reconstructions of biblical sites illustrating the world of the Bible. Using the latest archaeological information and animation technology, they have been able to create realistic images as a tool for teaching the Bible in its historical context.

Several years ago, they created a company called The Virtual Bible Project to develop these tools for educational purposes.  Their first project, created several years ago, was entitled “Abraham’s Journey” which features the Canaanite city of Megiddo. They recently finished creating a fly through of the land of the Bible as it would have looked during biblical times. The project includes a fly through of Jerusalem, the city of Herod the Great, as it would have looked at the time of Jesus. This virtual tour will soon be available through several digital publishers.

The Virtual Bible Project is designed to continue creating key biblical sites as well as topical features of biblical places so one can go back in time, explore and experience what it must have been like to live in the biblical world, adding a context to the biblical text.
Warner and Strange launched a demonstration video of the current project on YouTube. CLICK HERE to view the demo.

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