Monday, June 1, 2015

Gezer 2015 – Day Six: And Then There were Bags

Start of the day.
Mighty diggers making progress.

By Gary D. Myers

Great day today! We’ll call it day six of work (for the ramp builders, it is day eight of work).

Last night’s estimate of “close to 20 bags” of rock and debris awaiting the diggers today was a gross under estimate. I was trying to be optimistic about the time it would take to clear all the rocks. We pulled out 50 bags today and we still have more to clear in the morning. Most of it was the rock fall that Dr. Parker removed yesterday. These boulders were blocking our progress last year and again this year. These large stones had to be removed. So, on the one hand, it seems like halting progress to do cleanup work which produces no material which is helpful for dating the system. However, it all has to come out eventually. Before noon tomorrow we’ll be into that material for the sifters. We are expecting large quantities of pottery.

The best news today is that the ramp worked like a charm. It certainly received a workout with 50 very heavy bags of rocks.

"Doing dishes."

Eli’s House
Work continues at “Eli’s House.” The team working there is producing quite a bit of pottery. Archaeologists use all these broken pieces of pottery to determine when a house or other building was in use. Scholars have devoted countless hours of research in ceramics and have extensive knowledge about the distinctive pottery of each period. At the end of each day we wash all the sherds collected during the day and place them in boxes to dry. Most afternoons Eli “reads” pottery to determine dates. I really enjoy the pottery washing and pottery reading sessions each day. Apparently, not all of the volunteers feel the same about pottery washing.

Game Time
For the past few evenings,  after showers, lectures and supper, a large group of the Gezer team has gathered to play games on the patio attached to the Neve Shalom lobby. The game of choice, “High Cotton,” is much like “Spoons,” but it includes a dedicated set of cards and tokens rather than spoons. It has been rowdy and fun. The winners and losers of these matches will remain confidential.

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