Friday, June 5, 2015

Gezer 2015 - Week Two Update

By Gary D. Myers

Week two of the Gezer Water System Expedition is in the books and back by popular demand is the video update by Dr. Dan Warner. The camera loves him ... or he loves the camera. One of the two. We had to shoot the video without the microphone today, so the audio isn't the greatest, however, it provides a excellent overview of the work we have accomplished. We are grateful for his leadership along with Dr. Jim Park, Dennis Cole and Tsvika Tsuk.

We had a very slow start this year, but we have made significant progress. The team has continued the probe in the pool/basin area to approximately 25 from what we have been calling the bottom step. We are near the bottom in this area, but we have encountered a significant amount of water.Yesterday, we removed 20 gallons of water using buckets. Today, we removed another 16 gallons of water. Today, the area refilled quickly. We believe that the water is due to a wetter than usual rain season in Israel this year, however, the water is keeping us from getting a clear look at the bottom.

Four work days remain before we clean up the site and return home. Though we are missing our families, the time has passed quickly. Current plans call for clearing a 6-8 foot wide swath across the width of the pool area. This could help us better understand whether the steps continue past our "bottom step." Opening this trench will give full exposure to significant segment of the floor. It will be a difficult task, but the diggers are ready.

Kudos to our trustees and their families
The Gezer dig has been blessed to have two NOBTS trustees (Tom Clore of Illinois and Dan Wilson of California) and two children of trustees (J.D. Leavell and Cameron Wilson) digging with us. On top of that, we even have a former trustee and his wife, John and Marge James ... they are back for their third dig season. I have been impressed with all of these individuals. Their work ethic. Their walks with Christ. Our trustees (and former trustees) work hard at whatever they put their hands to and they have raised amazing children. It has been a blessing to share this unique experience with all of them.

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